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For total reassurance of greater safety and security without compromising levels of natural daylight, we offer a range of glass products. From security to fire resistance, glass can be used to protect a building’s occupants from accidental and deliberate damage in many ways, while also allowing the creation of bold and attractive designs.

Demanding safety legislation has highlighted critical areas where modern safety glazing must comply with the required safe practice. Innovations in the development of safety/security glass now ensures people can be protected from personal injury or in the most extreme cases, buildings can be protected from various forms of attack.

We offer a wide range of sophisticated products that meet the ever-increasing demands, without compromising on the design criteria of natural light and visibility.

For the very best in protective glass, you can count on the anti bandit glass installations from the experts at Give Us A Break Windows,

Keep your property and its contents protected with this high-quality, tough product

Anti bandit glass is an investment in your business. Protect your staff and valuable goods from harm with dependable glass installations.

We manufacture anti bandit glass to fit your exact requirements, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your home or business.