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How it Works



After your enquiry, we discover more about your project, the size and type of folding doors you require for your property.


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After confirming specifics such as dimensions, type of glass and frame required, we then provide a quotation within 24 hours.


Cut To Sizehandyman

Your new bifold door windows will then be built according to your specific requirements and needs at our in-house facility in Leicester



All out custom made doors comes with a 100% Guarantee. For any questions please get in contact for more information.

Bifold Doors Leicester

Bifolding doors are beautiful as they are efficient. With our premium grade materials and double or triple glazing options, our custom built folding doors will guarantee energy efficiency and natural light flooding your house.

Some Advantages of Installing a Folding Door

Natural Light – Folding doors mean that you will have a larger wall opening which will allow more light to come in.

Space – Compared to French doors, folding doors allow you to have a full opening which you can use however you may wish.

Sound insulation – With our range of top class materials, our doors will provide your house with excellent sound insulation.

Longevity – Folding doors are mare to last a long time with little maintenance. All they need is regular cleaning with normal detergent as you would use for every other window in your house.

Aesthetics – It’s safe to say that having full opening to your garden is very eye pleasing, making your lazy afternoons even better.