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How it Works



After your enquiry, we discover more about your project, what type of skylight you require and how it will be used.


Measurement & Quotenote_alt

After confirming specifics such as dimensions & type of glass required, we then provide a quotation within 24 hours.



Your new skylight windows will ordered to your specific requirements and and safely installed at your property.



All out custom products -> All of our windows come with a 100% guarantee.

Skylights and Rooftop Windows Leicester

Give Us A Break Windows have been fitting skylight windows across Leicestershire for over 20 years. Our friendly team can provide you with a no obligation quote that will suit you needs. Our packages are tailored to your budget & property, giving you the best option out there whether you are renovating your house or upgrading your commercial property.

Some advantages of installing Skylights

Feel better - Having more exposure to natural light in your household improves your overall mood, regulates your sleep patterns as well as helping you get more done.

Improve aesthetics - Natural is better, always. Your house will not only look better when natural light flows through, but it will also make your space look larger. Better exposure to natural light will also prevent humidity buildups that can create mould.

Chemical free antibacterial solution - Natural light also works as an effective antibacterial. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays that the sun provides is a proven method in reducing the production of harmful bacteria.